Getting Ready for 2/23/11 PLC-F Meeting

Hi Team…
I enjoyed our work and discussion this morning.  I love that we are finding connections to improve and grow our understanding of essential learnings.  The connections between the note cards, Post-it notes, and EL’s on paper between teams challenges me to think and plan differently.  Thank you.
Bo and I have read all of your entries from this morning.  We have commented on most of your comments.  Would you please remember to reread all of the comments before our next meeting?  We would like to encourage you to comment on the blog post as you find connections, inspiration, and common ground with others. 
Would you also find time to read the article linked on today’s agenda? 
Thank you for being flexible next week about our meeting day.  I’ll send a reminder on Tuesday that we will meet next Wednesday (2/23).
We appreciate your time, effort, and leadership.
Jill and Bo
ENRICHMENT: We have invited you to a Diigo group so that we can collaboratively read and annotate.  On Diigo, we have highlighted in green on the agenda post from today possible artifacts for people to bring to the next meeting. 

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Learner. Husband. Dad. Chief Learning and Innovation Officer at Mount Vernon Presbyterian School in Atlanta, GA. Have worked in transformation design, educational innovation, and school leadership for 20+ years.
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One Response to Getting Ready for 2/23/11 PLC-F Meeting

  1. Kristen Orsini says:


    OK, so I’m new to this whole Diigo thing. Is that in lieu of or in addition to the blog commenting? It looks like someone (Jill?) annotated some key phrases from the blog comments, but I don’t see anything annotated in green regarding artifacts. Help!


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