PLC-F Agenda: April 21, 2011

  1. PLC Summer Institutes through the CFT:  Register through the CFT
  2. Peer Observations – Instructional Rounds
    a.  Checking on our team
    b.  Checking on the teams
  3. PLC/PLT Course Feedback
    a.  Review last year’s survey
    b.  Develop a common assessment to collect PLC/PLT course feedback
  4. Lesson Study – PBL
    a.  Can we develop a common lesson plan to promote/discuss PBL in our teams?
    b.  Can we have an instructional round or peer visits as facilitators of our common lesson?


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2 Responses to PLC-F Agenda: April 21, 2011

  1. jgough says:

    Update Choices for which PLC do you belong?
    Start with a purpose statement
    Add SPLT, History
    JH PLC Facilitator

    Add a new demographic question with choices
    I am a full time member.
    I am a part time member.

    Question 1 – Q2
    Teaching effectiveness – learning

    Question 1a – Q3
    Is it necessary to have a general comment when 1b and 1c exist? Move 1a to the end so that there is an opportunity to have a general comment after they have entered the specific comment from 1b&c

    Question 1b – Q4
    Don’t need the first comma

    Question 1c – Q5

    Question 2 – Q6
    Possibly replace more pronounced with has been greater?
    Compare data from new membership to compare this year’s growth to last year’s growth

    Question 3 – Q8 (ELs)
    Possibly add comments 3a & 3b to mirror above
    Essential learnings/learning targets
    Possibly change Because of establishing essential learnings to The process of establishing EL …has given me greater understandings

    3a My team has established essential learnings with our students…
    3b Because of establishing…

  2. Kristen says:

    As I mentioned in Thursday’s meeting, I would keep the survey simple without adding anything besides a “Comment” box after each question if we are simply assessing disposition. However, if we are acquiring data and want the survey to be more reflective in nature, we could have an A and B for most questions (A – give at least one specific example; B – why might there NOT be evidence and/or what could be done to improve performance in that area; C – additional comments).

    Some of the prompt wording is a little awkward, but I don’t think it makes a huge difference whether we change the prompts or not. Also, some of the prompts seem to ask multiple questions. For example, in #10 are we asking about morale or passion for teaching? I think those are two separate things.

    4. “I have developed enhanced knowledge” – My knowledge has grown? I have grown in knowledge?

    5. “As a result of practicing lesson study, I have grown as a designer and instructor of curricular lessons.” – I have experienced growth in designing and implementing lessons/curriculum?

    6. “As a result of practicing instructional rounds, I have grown as a designer and instructor of curricular lessons.” – same as #5?

    9. “As a result of my membership (PARTICIPATION?) in a PLT/PLC, I have evidence that my students this year learned more effectively (DEEPLY?) than my previous students.”

    10. “As a result of my membership in a PLT/PLC, my morale and passion for teaching have increased.” – Are those 2 different questions?

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