PLC-F CFT SI: Day 2 to Day 3…Space for Draft Goals

Before the Friday morning of Day 3, please post to the comments a DRAFT statement of a desired goal for our PLC-F team. We will use these to practice creating SMART goals for individuals and for teams.


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14 Responses to PLC-F CFT SI: Day 2 to Day 3…Space for Draft Goals

  1. Kristen Orsini says:

    I have enjoyed reading about this week’s workshops and I have mixed feelings about not being there. It’s awesome to be in France with our students and see them use their French in real-life situations. I have also really enjoyed collaborating with Becky McKnight on several fronts. We have been roommates for nearly 3 weeks. However, I hate missing out on all of the great stuff that you have all posted. As I write, Becky and I are working on our trip blog as we listen to the sounds of the TGV pass our apartment in Strasbourg.

  2. Jennifer Lalley says:

    I think one of our goals should be finding a way to stay abreast of each other’s work and process/progress. So often there are things that go on in other PLC’s that I don’t know about and wish I did. How can we make other people’s happenings be accessible, easy to post, not “extra work,” but beneficial to all? What technology will we use? How will we use it?

  3. Jen Harper says:

    To offer ongoing support throughout the year in terms of time, skills, and knowledge, especially from the more experienced PLT-F folks to the rookies. A location (electronic or face time) to meet and share experiences, what is working well, what is not, advice for how to improve, etc.

  4. tsadtler says:

    I would like us to engage in Instructional Rounds once or twice per month as a group. If we did it on Wednesday, we could use a portion of our Thursday meetings to provide feedback, which could then be delivered to the observee in the PLC/T that very day.

  5. Anna Major says:

    I would like a goal for us as facilitators to be modeling the types of activities we will be carrying out in our PLC’s. I feel like we have done a lot of this during our time together in the workshop, and it has been very beneficial for me. So, I hope that we continue to work together as a group that models these activities. This will help me to be more confident in my role as a facilitator.

  6. LeslieAnn says:

    I hope that we will work toward using formative assessment as a way to view all assessment, even and especially of ourselves…Then strategize how to routinize using common assessment to develop intervention strategies.

  7. mrslaurendavis says:

    I think one of our goals should be to help each other develop a system of checking in on various tasks that can fall by the wayside as a regular school year progresses. What are the things we deem important enough to make sure we are revisiting on a regular basis – norms checks and monthly common grading sessions come to mind as examples – and what are the various methods each group is considering for doing this?

  8. Danelle Dietrich says:

    As facilitators, I would like for us to work together to choose the best technology device (and learn how to use it), to use to document what was done in PLC, what is coming up on future days, how to keep up with roles (and which roles should be assigned) and assignment dates of those roles, and the parking lot ideas, on this document. This would help those who don’t have a class transition, or people who are absent, to keep up.

  9. Sam Gough says:

    I think we should have goal of implementing a PBL activity. Maybe more discussion on what we started on FedEx day?

  10. jgough says:

    Our teacher-learners (___%) will demonstrate growth in the essential learnings: 1) learning is our focus, 2) collaboration in our culture, and 3) our decisions are made based on results.
    Action Steps:
    1. Use rubrics to formatively assess learning, communicate expectations, and show the path to the targets.
    2. Differentiate to intervene and enrich where needed.
    3. Collect anecdotal data and artifacts to assess learning (performance-based assessment).

  11. Bo Adams says:

    I like Jill’s wording as a first draft for me, too. Wonderfully, as I read everyone’s comments, I saw a strong common thread of formative assessment to be used to determine how we adults are doing in our PLCs to stay focused and growing in the ELs by using the tools at our disposal. If we could utilize a 21st c tech tool to help us gather, archive, analyze and share our assessment…wow!

  12. Fred Young says:

    I think a worthy goal would be to explore ways to use technology as a tool for formative assessment.

  13. Mecia Israel says:

    I would like to use more formative assessment, specifically using technology. I would also like to learn how to save the data in an organized, manageable way.

  14. Mecia Israel says:

    PLC-F Goals! I would like to do instructional rounds twice this year.

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