PLC-F Agenda: Sept. 22, 2011

Open Mic…

Possible options include, but are not limited to:

  1. Share one bright spot from your PLC/PLT you would like the team to c0-rejoicerate…
  2. Pose one question you would like the team to co-ponderate…
  3. Raise one frustration you need the team to help co-addresserate…

Please do pre-think and pre-write so that our open mic time is co-maximizerated.

Dr. Seuss ain’t got nothing on us!


About Jill Gough

Learner, Love Questions, Problem-finding, Math w/technology. Interests: Collaborating, PLC, Formative assmt
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5 Responses to PLC-F Agenda: Sept. 22, 2011

  1. professeurb1 says:

    I’m writing mine here so I don’t forget:
    1. Bright spot: Our two new PLC members are fitting in well with the group after a few short weeks and are both making great contributions.
    2. How can we get more creative with the process of writing Balanced Assessments for our Essential Learnings? Our team prefers group discussions/decision-making without hokey gimmicks, but the process gets a little stagnant when we don’t vary our activities.
    3. This hasn’t been a huge issue, but how do other PLCs handle “classroom management” issues with their adult learners? (tardiness, tension, etc.)

  2. jplgough says:

    Great idea professeurb1!

    1. Bright spot:
    The Algebra I team continues down the path of PBL and lesson study. This week we are going to facilitate the Leaving on a Jet Plane lesson for Algebra I. Hopefully we will get better at the lesson study aspect of this, and begin to consider an instructional rounds opportunity for the 2nd nine weeks.

    2. Question:
    How do we differentiate for individuals in our teams when some need a steady course, some need intervention, and some need enrichment? (or, if that it too tough) How do we make our norms come alive for our teams?

    3: Frustration:
    PLC essential learnings…How many embrace the 4 key questions as a part of our daily work?

  3. Bo Adams says:

    1. Bright Spots: Goals meetings…seeing power of PLCs here; Algebra 1 Jet Plane today…visual archive of/for lesson study; Dana Notestine’s blog post on PLCs.

    2. Question: Are PLCs Systemically analyzing student work?

    3. Frustration: Conflicts and lack of conflicts.

  4. Mecia Israel says:

    1. FIVE Bright spots: In 7th Math, Laurel & I are meeting 3rd period to begin pbl (little p).
    In PLC, the PLC-F goal was announced and I felt support from the community.
    Gary agreed to co- teach with me searching for balance with creativity and content.
    Diane loved my student driven “speed” lab and took pictures.
    I’ve come to realize I don’t do much large group direct the teachable moments are
    done one-to-one or small group.
    2. TWO Questions: How to find balance with creativity and rigor?
    Should more people have a voice in revising & identifying our essential learnings?
    (Bo, Bob, Jill, Juliet, John, Ken, etc)
    3. Frustration: Resistance/ S-L-O-W movement

    • jplgough says:


      I do think that once your team as tentatively established essentials to be learned that you should calibrate your thinking and planning vertically. Do your essential learnings have endurance? Do they provide leverage? Do they promote readiness for the next step?

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