PLC-F Agenda: Sept. 29, 2011

  1. PLC-F Goal update…Have you made progress?  Are you stuck?  What should we celebrate?  Where do we need to provide support?
  2. Norms check – Please reread our norms and complete the norms check (will be auto-delivered by email at 7:15 a.m. on 9-29-11). Click here for results (password protected).

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Learner, Love Questions, Problem-finding, Math w/technology. Interests: Collaborating, PLC, Formative assmt
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14 Responses to PLC-F Agenda: Sept. 29, 2011

  1. Sam Gough says:

    Have you made progress?
    Some on balanced assessment, but little for PBL learning.

    Are you stuck?
    I think the direction of my PLC is not in this direction. I need to work with my co-facilitator to move towards this

    What should we celebrate?
    I do not have anything at this point regarding that goal.

    Where do we need to provide support?
    More discussion about how to get the group moving towards this goal.

  2. LeslieAnn says:

    The English PLC was already headed in a somewhat different direction with our global essential learnings…However, I know that, at least with the 7th grade team, what is being considered would be considered under PBL and will require us to engage in lesson study in order to best flesh out the plan. I cannot speak directly for 8th and 6th, though I have seen glimpses of the same. I want to celebrate the fact that this PLC has embraced the actualization of our global essential learnings.

  3. tsadtler says:

    This week we will hear from Estefania and Zeke about their PBL on QR codes. We will discuss what criteria make this project-based learning and what elements might be missing. Hey Kristen, should we assess them on what they already know (what is PBL)?

  4. boadams1 says:

    I made progress, thanks to my Algebra I team inviting and including me, when I Flip recorded a class using team-teaching of Leaving on a Jet Plane. While I have not been a part of the formal debrief, I think having a “game film” provides possibility for visual review and debrief. By posting this to my blog, Lovett has asked for a collaboration with our Algebra I team.

    I do feel stuck, though, in that I have not really attended to the specific action steps. We have not pre-assessed the PLC-F relative to PBL. We are not creating opportunity to study PBL. We have not started on a PBL rubric.

    I think we should celebrate 1) the Algebra I team engaging in lesson study on three data-collection lessons; 2) the possibility of QR code debrief with LPLT; 3) the history-math connections being made with longitude and latitude (science, too)

    • professeurb1 says:

      I didn’t really think the action steps on our Google docs were set in stone. I like the goal but not the action steps.

  5. professeurb1 says:

    We are going to debrief Zeke and Estefania’s QR code project today. Unfortunately, I realized last night that I will be at an all-day Cohort meeting so I will not be there. I’m sure Ted will facilitate in an awesome way.

    As for Balanced Assessment, we have been working a great deal on that the past two weeks. We designed Summative Assessments for our Spanish II Intro Unit 2 curriculum, and we split into pairs to create formative assessments leading up to the summative assessments. Yesterday we got back together, had groups share the work they did on Google Docs, and made modifications as a group.

    I feel good about our work with Balanced Assessment but we still have a ways to go with PBL. (even though we already do some in our individual classrooms) For me, the biggest challenge is how to get everything done that we are trying to achieve: PBL debrief, writing new curriculum (with Essential Learnings and Balanced Assessment), LANschool, goals check, time to plan with co-teachers, etc.

  6. Danelle Dietrich says:

    Bright Spot: In the 4th period math/science PLC the non-facilitator members decided they wanted to have a community goal (not to imply facilitators did not want this, just that it was not our idea). Several teams have made team goals related to their course(s), but members felt that the community as a whole should have a team goal. It was decided the goal should be to design some type of PBL that incorporates math and science and is grade appropriate. We then split into two teams: 8th grade and 6th/7th grade to try to decide on a topic/issue/problem.

  7. LeslieAnn says:

    Well, Les, you forgot that you might want some help with how you could coach the 7th grade idea through the PBL process and demonstrate to folks how they are already engaged in this process. As for balanced assessment, I know you guys are working on ways to assess the process and help students identify different elements under the umbrella of creativity. You could probably use some help here, too!

  8. Mecia Israel says:

    4th Period PLC’s COMMUNITY GOAL: Integrate math and science PBL to promote collaboration,
    student learning, and results.

    Once our community created our goal, we brainstormed ideas then broke into grade level teams. Jill lead our 8th Grade Math/Science Team into deeper brainstorming and discussion of a study on handicap accessibility on our school campus, integrating a study of slope and mechanical advantage.

  9. wmshistory says:

    The History PLC has taken large strides in planning PBL’s together–both in World Cultures and US History in terms of IDEAS. We are in the beginning stages of collaborating with the Science 6 teachers with climate/regions of the world. The most encouraging part is the (relative) enthusiasm and cooperation among the World Cultures teachers. However, they are pretty satisfied (for the most part) to let me dictate what we do, so we need to work on helping our group understand what working in a PLC on PBL really means.
    In US History, we have more “pieces” at work keeping us from synchronicity. Creating projects together is going to be more difficult because there are more people with a broader spectrum of opinions and methods.
    Personally, I’m a little bit stuck because our ideas of interdisciplinary work are currently not very exciting to me. I think they COULD be, but right now, climates, graphs, and taxation just aren’t getting me excited and sparking ideas…
    We can celebrate…World Cultures increased cooperation this year, our quick agreement (minus one member) about the plagiarism project in the library…

  10. jplgough says:

    Our 4th Period PLC elected to create a team goal around PBL. This week we shared ideas for possible PBL lessons as a team and then split into two teams plan. The Algebra I – Science 8 team gravitated to campus handicap access. We now need time to plan our implementation strategy IF this is the first 8th Math/Sci team PBL.

    I’m stuck on the idea that some of our team members have not spoken about this topic/project. Did we check for commitment to the community goal? Did we check in our team for commitment to the discussed PBL?

    We should celebrate the desire/demand for a community goal.

  11. boadams1 says:

    Love the idea of handicap access! I wonder if Spanish QR codes could fit here too!

  12. wmshistory says:

    We have not worked on Balanced Assessment at all. Not sure our PLC could define “formative assessment.”

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