PLC-F Agenda: Nov. 10, 2011

1. “Gallery Walk” the Idea-Wall Post-Up/Affinity Map we created on 10-27-11 to begin gamestorming the PLC-F PBL lesson study for adult learners in our various PLCs/PLTs.

2. Brainwrite a series of possible “lesson plans” for PLC-F PBL lesson study…based on Idea-Wall Post-Up and Affinity Map.

  • 4 minutes to write on large Post-it.
  • Post-up to chart paper. Pass/shift chart paper to the right.
  • 1 minute to read.
  • 4 minutes to write idea-building thoughts on large Post-it.
  • REPEAT cycle as needed.

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Learner. Husband. Dad. Chief Learning and Innovation Officer at Mount Vernon Presbyterian School in Atlanta, GA. Have worked in transformation design, educational innovation, and school leadership for 20+ years.
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9 Responses to PLC-F Agenda: Nov. 10, 2011

  1. professeurb2 says:

    1. Working in stations (trying to get out of the habit of always discussing as a group; modeling new methods)
    2. Dealing with sticky issues

  2. boadams1 says:

    * In my primary PLC (the PLC-F), we are working on a lesson study related to PBL. We are co-laboring on a common lesson that we can implement with our PLCs/PLTs to enhance understanding about PBL.

  3. Sam Gough says:

    1. Favorite Lesson
    2. Discussing closure topics for courses-revisiting ELs
    3. Using Tuesday Tech time with PLC time to begin creating a collaborative project

  4. jplgough says:

    * Lesson study and common project in Science 8
    * Analyzing student results – LB working on Google doc for learners to see their progress
    * Great discussion on using and interpreting graphs
    * PLC-F PBL common lesson

  5. Mecia Israel says:

    8th Science PLT is a lesson study on “Eggs Over Easy”, and egg drop, which is gaining momentum in our classes and PLC.

  6. Fred Young says:

    Good sessions with the Charles Hill book, chapter on America: Ideas for creating lessons on American history exploring broad themes characterizing long periods of time.

    World Cultures

  7. tsadtler says:

    We decided that we would like to do a deptartment-wide PBL on QR Codes in which we will turn the campus into a bilingual gallery. Then we dropped it like a bad habit.
    We did stations.
    We got rolling on the interpersonal speaking rubric.

  8. Danelle Dietrich says:

    • We have worked hard this year to stick to a schedule. KP mapped out a system of working in team that attempts to keep teachers from working alone. We are making attempts to have complete weeks be team, alternating with community.
    • We all got interested in the “egg drop” lesson study that Science was doing and math wanted to join in.
    • We all worked with the CBR’s; very fun.

  9. LeslieAnn says:

    Each team is trying to take a global essential learning and embed it, allow it to shape something in their curriculum. The seventh grade has fashioned a project with creativity. Even pulled in lesson study.
    We are shaping where we are going collaboratively.

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