PLC-F Agenda: Dec. 8, 2011

CHALLENGE: Collaboratively build an ORGANIZED PBL resource to be used as a “PBL menu of exploration” for our PLC lesson study (STEP 2 of 12-1-11 Challenge).

  1. Jigsaw groups and share out what you discovered and posted last week. For example, Bo, Danelle, and Kristen would now form a group – one person from each of the three last-week groups. Each person should use 2 minutes to explain their contribution to the PBL menu.
  2. Review the PLC-F chart paper that contains our developing lesson plan for PBL. Flesh out the common lesson plan by utilizing the resources we gathered last week.
  3. Organize the “PBL menu of exploration” resources to align with the developing lesson plan – so that the asset we can use with the PLCs is built and complete!

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Learner, Love Questions, Problem-finding, Math w/technology. Interests: Collaborating, PLC, Formative assmt
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5 Responses to PLC-F Agenda: Dec. 8, 2011

  1. jplgough says:

    Our self-assigned homework is to read 7 Essentials for PBL

    Look for videos to show PBL.

  2. jplgough says:

    I found videos on the High Tech High Videos website that I think are interesting. In particular, I liked The Hidden Garden, a five course collaborative project of the 2010 senior class at High Tech High Media Arts.

    There is a video on What Project Based Learning Is and one on What Project Based Learning Isn’t. I continue to think about the difference between project-based learning and project oriented learning.

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