PLC-F called meeting-Instructional Rounds Debrief: Feb. 7, 2012

Our facilitator team chose to meet on Tuesday to debrief part I of our common lesson on PBL for our PLCs.  Math/Science and English PLCs delivered part I on Monday, February 6.

Part I Lesson debrief – 

  • Have we really created a need to know about PBL?
  • Was part I a prompt for prior knowledge? Will part II create a need to know?
  • How are we grouping our PLC members?
  • In discussions in PLC…the phrase “real-life” comes up often.

Part I next steps

  • PBL Menu of Resources (outside our network) for our PLC members, (inside our closed network).
  • Pick resources, watch and write for 25 minutes.
    • I like… I wonder… I want to know more about… I’m confused by…
  • Debrief in small groups.  Pair with someone that used the same resource you picked.  Read part or all of your writing.  Remix to pair up with someone that used a different resource.  Read part or all of your writing.



About Jill Gough

Learner, Love Questions, Problem-finding, Math w/technology. Interests: Collaborating, PLC, Formative assmt
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